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Weather Data exchange September 2008

September Weather Data from Bill Arthur, South Perth County
We did get rain in Sept., a nice bit more than average for the month which
brought us to my 24 year average for the season.
Some precipitation most days until the 15th and then dry until the last
2-3 days of September so there was a good window for harvest in excellent
conditions although beans were coming off quite dry with soys down to 10% moisture.
Only 2678HU to Sept. 20 but no frost yet so we have 2855 HU to the end of
September and still accumulating. Also remember lots of corn was planted in
good time so has an extra 100-150 Hu before my May 10th start.
With an 24 year average of 2811 HU we have had a full season of heat so corn
varieties planted for this area should be fully mature and we are just
saving propane from here on in.
Most corn has lost most of its green. Will lodging be a problem? as lots of
fields were showing firing in August because of dry probably.
Soybeans are well into harvest, some like ourselves, are done but still
fields to go through the area. Yields were average around here or just above.
To the north, where they had a little more rain in August, yields are reported as excellent.
Edible beans are mostly done with good yields and good quality.
Lots of edible bean fields and soy fields already planted to wheat but there
seems to be a few not planted where all bean fields seemed to be planted to
wheat last year. Price for N scaring them off planting wheat?? it is shocking!

September Rainfall (mm) Heat Units to Sept 20
'08 121 mm 378
'07 71 mm 398
Hi 245.5 in '96 461 in '02
Lo 13 in '04 276 in '86
24 Yr. Av. 98 398.7
Season 455.5 (May 1 - Sept 30) 2678 (May 10 - September 20)
Season Avg 454 (May 1 - September 30) 2811 (May 10 - September 20)

Peter Stewart Weather Stats for S. E. Northumberland County
Crops are later this year than they have been for the last several years.
Our heat units are just slightly lower, but rainfall is significantly higher.
Coupled with a lack of temperatures of 30 degrees, things are just later.
The only significant frost has been in "low lying areas", where the corn is
brown the leaves are beautiful. Up on the hills, things are still lush.
Corn silage harvest started in earnest around the 20th. Reports of trucks
being pulled with tractors and half loads being used to get through the fields.
The combines started sniffing around at the soybeans around the 22nd, but you
had to be choosy on the fields as the beans were just not ripe. By the 25th,
these same fields had dried significantly, but that was it. There are ruts
in parts of fields that were harvested. Consequently there is very little
wheat planted following soybeans if any. The only wheat that I have seen
planted has followed hay.
Yields look promising. The soybean vines are loaded, but you have to wait for the
combine to be sure on beans. Corn cobs are have consistently 16 rows and heavy ears.

08 79.5 mm 415 (to Sep 21)
07 46.5 mm 428
Hi 218 in '96 492 in '05
Lo 51.5 in '94 350 in '95
Average 102 (since '86) 419 (since '87)
Season 514 (May - Sep) 2919 (May 1 - Sep 21)
Season Avg 400.6 3065

September Weather Data from Neil Moore, Lindsay area
And again - continuing wet and below average heat units,
No rain from the 14th to 27th - finally a chance to catch up on outside work
Some wheat in and some beans off but most are still in the bag or the field
corn is behind but has missed the roof frosts, beans in good shape with only
some leaves to fall on later planted or long season beans
Temperatures below 10C on 15 nights with 4 nights between 4 and 5
14 days below 20C, only 5 above 25C

September Rainfall (mm) Heat Units
'08 111 520
'07 69 582
Hi 135 in '00 648 in '02
Lo 29 in '04 421 in '93
Avg since '90 86 553
Season 590 (May 1 - September) 2904 (May 10 - September)
Season Avg 397 (May 1 - September) 3021 (May 10 - September)