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Weather Data exchange September 2009

September Weather Data from Bill Arthur, South Perth County
It was warm during the day until the 20th, the official end of HU for the season,
however too many cool nights held accumulation to just below average.
No rain until the 21st and lots of sun probably helped maturity as much as heat could have.
There was a light frost in this area Sept 19th but although the grass was white even
the tomatoes survived. Some low areas show a little leaf damage in corn and late beans but
it should not impact yield in this area. With no frost we have now pushed HU's to 2724,
still 80 below my average but helpful in finishing up maturity.
Most corn will make it for maturity as we are still waiting for the final frost. Anyone
who planted long maturity varieties may have a problem and the rest will be late to
harvest because of moisture.
All beans should be safe for maturity now except for those late planted fields because
of our wet June that I saw near London.
Some edible beans have been harvested and a few soys. Some of those fields have been
planted to wheat but most beans and wheat planting are waiting for sunny harvest weather.

SEPTEMBER Rainfall (mm) Heat Units to Sept 20
'09 54 373
'08 121 378
25 yr Avg 96.3 389
High 245.5 in '96 461 in '02
Low 13 in '04 276 in '86
Year to date 417 2567 May 10 to Sept 20
historical avg 453 2801 May 10 to Sept 20

September Weather Stats from Peter Stewart, S.E. Northumberland County
Until Sept. 25th, we only recorded three days that temperatures did not reach 20 or
above and only 3 mm of rain. Our first frost was on the 19th and was a killer in
low areas. The warm and very dry conditions certainly urged maturity along. In
contrast, today we recorded zero HU.
Much of the early planted corn has made it, but it has a long way to dry. The later
corn that was not frosted, is still very lush and green. Corn silage is very slow
coming off, waiting for moisture levels to fall. The leaves are off the beans and
are quite revealing. Some stands are extremely short and thin. Early reports on
yields are not encouraging. However there are some very promising looking fields
out there too. The weather at planting probably had a lot to do with bean stands.
Some wheat is planted on sod and fallow ground and early bean fields, but most is
waiting to go.

SEPTEMBER Rainfall (mm) Heat Units to Sept 21
09 61 404
08 79.5 415
Avg 100.5 since '79 418 since '87
High 218 in '96 492 in '05
Low 46.5 in '07 350 in '95
Year May 1 to date 412.5 2883 to Sept 21
Historical Avg May 1 to date 400 3057 to Sept 21

September Weather Data from Neil Moore, Lindsay area
Below average rainfall for the month and all came the last week
average heat units for September - very comfortable and warm first half.
Corn and beans were touched by the light frosts on the 19th and 20th with
some top corn leaves now white and the soybeans lost most of the leaves.
The lower areas had more damage with most corn leaves frozen.
Some corn sileage harvested, and some winter wheat turning green.
Night temperatures above 15C on 2 nights, 10C or below on 19 nights
Day highs: 4 days 25C or above, and 10 days below 20C

SEPTEMBER Rainfall (mm) Heat Units to Sept 30
'09 48 531
'08 111 520
20 year avg 79 532
High 135 in '00 648 in '02
Low 29 in '04 421 in '93
Season April 1 to September 30 May 1 to September 30
2009 495 2965
2008 635 2987
20 yr avg 452 3073
Low year 315 in '07 2737 in '92
High year 635 in '08 3395 in '98