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Weather Data exchange September 2012

September Weather Data from Bill Arthur, South Perth County
For record comparison HU are compiled from May 10 to Sept 20
We got nearly an average rainfall amount in September and it was spread through out the month
on 12 days with one event producing 28 mm the rest 10 and under. We have gone through the year
with no big rain events just gentle rains with small amounts so you can still use your finger
to dig our clay/loam soil in most areas of our fields.

The rain has helped the forage fields green up and some people have taken a last cut in the last days
of Sept as forage remains in short supply.

A lot of wheat ground was planted to oats and or peas and they look like a nice crop of forage coming
on and will be harvested soon.

Many edible beans were harvested in the breaks in rain and some soys. Have heard of disappointing yields
on edible beans early in Sept and no reports since. Soys appear to be doing about 90% of average
yields and IP beans have had problems with green coloured beans although they were dry.

Wheat seeding has kept pace with the combines in many fields although some appear to be passing up the
chance to seed wheat this year.

A little corn is off presumably for high moisture or to meet feed needs. Moisture is still testing 28-30%.
No reports of yields but we hope for a near average yield as cobs look well filled.

There appears to be a lot of tile being 'planted', even with our dry year. I expect that has more to do
with the good crop prices than the weather.

Date Rainfall mm CHU - start May 10
September 2012 95 413
2011 180 375
28 yr Avg 99.6 387.6
High yr 245.5 in 1996 461 in 2002
Low yr 13 in 2004 276 in 1986
Yr to date May to Sept May 10 - Sept 20
2012 333 3061
2011 567 2958
28 yr Avg 454.6 2820.8
Low year 298.5 in 1998 2422 in 2000
High Year 908.5 in 2000 3246 in 1991

September Weather from Peter Stewart, S.E. Northumberland County
The rains came in September and things are green again. A bit late to help this years yields.
What is fascinating, is how average the years totals become when looked at over the whole season.
However the extremes in the year, certainly made farming interesting.

The rains came in five events, leaving many open days to compete field work. Soybean harvest is
moving along and in the home stretch. Wheat seeding is following, all with good weather.
Some corn harvest sampling for high moisture corn has occurred, with moisture's locally
reported at around 26 to 27%. The corn crop looks drier than that. The stalks are fragile
and the cobs drop to the ground with only a nudge. It may not be a good year to test Mother
Nature. Hay crops have responded well to the rain. One more late season harvest may still
be in the offing for some.

  Rainfall (mm)   HU
2012 145.5 To Sept 21st 417
2011 48 To Sept 21st 432
Avg since '79 100.4 Avg since '87 418
High 218 in '96 To Sept 21st 492 in '05
Low 46.5 mm in '07 To Sept 21st 350 in '95
Year May To Sept 30 391.5 May 1 to To Sept 21st 3301
Year to date last year 417 May 1 to To Sept 21st 3204
Historical Avg May to date 372 May 1 to To Sept 21st 3081

September Weather Data from Neil Moore, Lindsay area
Heat units below average and rainfall above average
Significant rains 32mm on the 4th and 37.56mm on the 8th. 14th, 18th, 22nd each had 14 to 17 mm

Corn is drying down. Silage harvest was spread over the month depending on planting date

Soybeans harvest is well along with good harvest weather the last of the month
Yields are better than expected, above average but below the last couple of years

A couple of fields of late third cut hay were harvested mid September

Pastures have now fully recovered

Night temperatures below 10C 18 nights including last 13 nights, 4 nights light frost
Day highs: 8 days above 25C, 1 day above 30C, 2 days below 15C

September Rainfall (mm) Heat Units
'12 120 482
'11 89 584
Avg since '90 81 582
High 135 in '00 648 in '02
Low 29 in '04 421 in '93
May 1 to Sept 30 2012 442 3194
May to date 2011 482 3289
May to date Avg 397 3125
May to date high 590 in '08 3395 in 1998
May to date low 261 in '07 2737 in '92