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Weather Data exchange September 2013

September Weather Data from Bill Arthur, South Perth County
For record comparison HU are compiled from May 10 to Sept 20
Heat Units are a little below average for the month as well as the year.
Too many cool nights with a hint of frost on Sept 6th and again Sept 14. Not enough to do damage
as pumpkins only lost a couple leaves but too early if it had been 1 degree cooler for many crops.

We have finished the month off after the official closing date of Sept 20th with lots of
warmth and HU now total 2955 so all crops should be home free now.

Lots of soys off as well as edible beans however some fields that were later planted because
of wet weather in later May and June are still showing a lot of green.

Wheat going in behind the combines and some on corn silage ground as planting conditions have
been excellent even drying out well after the 80-130 mm we got on September 21 which ended the
International Plowing Match a day early.

Rainfall is well above average with 100mm on Sept 21 and 110 over the 20-22. Lots of people
recorded more and I have heard totals of 130 near the IPM site over those 3 days.

Many soy yields have been above average but weed control problems in some fields held them
back and a few fields planted just before hard rains in mid May suffered from lower populations
and fell near normal yields.

Corn looks good but the final result will be determined over the scale in a couple weeks.
Lots of corn now looks fully matured with a few fields still holding green colour, many of those may
be fields that were sprayed with a fungicide. Waiting to hear yield results from fungicide this year
as conditions were right to see an advantage since I did record rain on 15 days in September.

September saw 2 days above 30 with a high of 34 on the 10th, 1 night above 20 and 2 nights with
lows of 2 and 2 more at 3.
Date Rainfall mm CHU - start May 10
September 2013 168 374
September 2012 95 413
29 yr Avg 101.9 387.1
High yr 245.5 in 1996 461 in 2002
Low yr 13 in 2004 276 in 1986
Yr to date May 1 to September 30 May 10 - September 20
2013 544.5 2802
2012 333 3061
29 yr avg 457.7 2820.2
High Year 908.5 in 2000 3246 in 1991
Low year 298.5 in 1998 2422 in 2000

September Weather Stats from Peter Stewart, S.E. Northumberland County

HU have come in right on average for the season. The crops are missing a few as most corn was not
planted by May 1st. However a large contrast compared to last year where even more HU were used by
the crop than recorded as quite a bit of corn was planted in April. Locally rainfall has been adequate,
with a short, hard, hot dry spell in July. Rainfall for the month has been low, with only one
significant event of 29 mm on the 21st.

Soybeans are coming off. Early results are very promising, with large smiles on the farmer's
faces. Some fields are slow to drop leaves. Wheat planting is carrying on behind the combines and
in some cases where corn silage has been harvested.

Corn in some areas took a bit of a beating with a heavy frost on the 17th. It was killing in
low areas and patches, but left other low lying areas untouched. Most corn looks promising but
more questions there than for beans.

  Rainfall (mm)   HU to September 21
2013 57 371
2012 145 417
Avg since 1979 99 Avg since 1987 416
High 218 in 1996   492 in 2005
Low 46.5 in 2007   350 in 1995
Year May 1 to September 30 444 May 1 to September 21 3092
Year May 1 to September 30 last year 391 May 1 to September 21 3301
Historical Avg May 1 to September 30 396 May 1 to September 21 3082

September Weather Data from Neil Moore, Lindsay area
Below average rainfall for the month with rain on 8 days, max. 36 mm on September 21.
Last 10 days only 1.9 mm with half from heavy dews and fog.

Below average heat units for the month because of below average night temperatures.
I am below long term HU average, 5 nights with light frost September 17,18,23,24,25
HU are 134 HU behind the last 7 yr average from May 10 and equal to 2008.
Remember May 10 misses the 171 HU for the first 9 days of May this year.
I am still 120 HU ahead of 2009 from May 1 and 65 ahead from May 10.

Corn silage harvest has been underway for the the last 2 weeks
Soybean harvest has been underway for a week with moisture 12-16 and good yields
Wheat planting is following the combine

Hay being harvested in mid September during critical period. Pastures are good.

Night temperatures 15 or above on 2 nights, 10C or below on 20 nights
Day highs: 2 days 30+, 3 days above 25, 12 below 20

August Rainfall (mm) Heat Units
2013 67 484
2012 120 482
24 yr Avg 81 530
High 135 in 2000 648 in 2002
Low 29 in 2004 421 in 1993
Year to date May 1 to September 30 May 1 to September 30
2013 407 3085
2012 442 3194
24 yr Avg 397 3123
High year 590 in 2008 3395 in 1998
Low year 261 in 2007 2737 in 1992