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Newsletter  March 2014

For Hastings/Lennox & Addington, Northumberland, and Prince Edward Soil & Crop Members
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  • Message from the President
  • OSGA Annual Meeting Update
  • Advancing Crop Technologies with Grants to Regions and Counties/Districts
  • 75th Anniversary for OSCIA - 2014 - Special Recognition Awards Update
  • 2013 Ontario Forage Masters Winner
  • Seed Bytes - Significant Changes to Seed Field Inspections for 2014
  • George Morris Centre Study Summary
  • OSCIA Annual Meeting Update

CROP TALK – By OMAFRA Soil & Crop Specialists PDF file(885 kb)

  1. Wheat Nitrogen Strategies
  2. Why Pre-plant Herbicides Are So Critical in Soybean Production
  3. Validating Sulphur Rates and Sources for Alfalfa in Ontario
  4. Is Your Soil in Good Physical Shape?
  5. Mob Grazing, Stocking Rate and Stock Density
  6. Lystek—Introducing a New Organic Amendment
  7. OSCIA Commitment to On-Farm Trials and Projects
Quinte Region SCIA Major Partner Grant Program for 2012, 2013 & 2014 Sulphur on Winter & Spring Wheat in eastern Ontario

Regional Partner programs 2012 to 2014

Treatments: 100% urea at normal nitrogen rate; Calcium Sulphate (19% - S & 23% - Ca) blended with urea to give egual nitrogen rate as treatment1 and 15kg/ha of available sulphur.

Strips need to be wide enough to allow for ‘full’ combine header widths of each treatment & replications and also to avoid the outer 5 to 10 feet of the fertilizer spread pattern or potential spreader overlap or misses.

Results from 2013 harvest:
Henry Nyman had 3 replications and the result was about 3 bus/ac advantage for the sulphur treatment.
Mark McFaul had a side by side with the sulphur treatment about 2 bus/ac less than the Urea control.
If you are interested in participating in the 2014 treatments and harvest.
Contact Scott Banks Emerging Crop Specialist, OMAFRA scott.banks@ontario.ca 613-258-8359

Lifetime Achievement Winner Eric Kaiser, Quinte Region

Eric graduated from Royal Military College in 1962 with a degree in Civil Engineering. While this is not related to agriculture, the soils, geology, chemistry and physics learned all contribute to Eric's farming evolutions. Also, with the foundations of science, Eric approached farming with a need to learn, problem solve and advance.
Eric's brother, Kurt, approached Eric about returning to the farm in 1966. Eric immediately agreed. With their father retiring early due to health concerns, and 120,000 layers and cropping in 2 counties already stretching Kurt, he needed help. Eric returned to the organization and bought his current farm in 1968 to crop and grow started layers. In 1981 Kurt removed himself from the organization to pursue orchard crops, leaving Eric to crop alone at the Lennox and Addington location.
Eric has always approached farming with a fairly simple approach: find what works for you and share that knowledge with others. This idea is core to OSCIA values. While not everything that works in one location is applicable everywhere, it is important to know about other practices and what may fit in whole or in part. Every year will see several plots on Eric's farm exploring ideas from plant populations to hybrid varieties to crop protection strategies and products. And when the results are in hand, Eric is always quick to share with other farmers and OMAFRA personnel alike.
Attending conferences, reading extensively, and joining farm organizations like OSCIA, Eric has advanced his knowledge and understanding of many aspects of cropping practices. He is also well known for being outspoken, taking every opportunity to share his experience and the lessons learned from others. It is his outspoken nature that has earned him leadership roles across several organizations. Locally, Eric was involved in the L&ASCIA for many years and remains a member today. He was a strong member of the local executive for most of the 80s and 90s. In addition, attending conferences led him to take a Board position with the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario in the 90s for more than 6 years. The Egg Farmers of Ontario also benefitted from his presence on their Board in the early 70s when the organization was in its youth and very dynamic.
On farm, Eric's cropping practices have seen much evolution over the past 4 decades. He knew early on that conventional practices were not suitable to sustainability on the heavy Napanee Clay soils. While limited only financially for his changes, Eric has explored reduced tillage, conventional tillage, one-pass field operations and eventually no-till. The use of true low-pressure radials (below 10 psi) and reduced traffic on fields, as well as systematic tiling of every acre and as much in-filling of tile as can be afforded have all contributed to progressively and regularly higher yields on all crops despite, what many would consider to be, less productive soils.
Every winter, at conferences like South West Agricultural Conference, and FarmSmart, Innovative Farmers of Ontario AGM, you will see, and hear, Eric sharing his experiences, questioning presenters and challenging the status quo on current practices and even some new innovations. Eric's son, Max, joined the farm in 1990 and, perhaps Eric's greatest accomplishment, Max is continuing the example set by Eric to constantly learn and evolve the practices on their farm, and to advance that knowledge to others at every opportunity.

The Quinte SCIA Executive
President Justin Dorland 613-475-0891
Sec-Treas Henry Nyman 613-399-3429
Provincial Director Dale Ketcheson 613-477-1131
Regional Communication Coordinator Neil Moore 705-324-2594
Other Directors: Doug Young, Geoff Townsend, Mark McFaul, Lloyd Crowe, Shane Smith, Jim McComb, and Scott Banks

Local Associations Hastings/L&A Northumberland Prince Edward
President Shane Smith Justin Dorland Mark McFaul
Sec/Treas T: Brad King Doug Young