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June 2010
For Hastings/Lennox & Addington, Northumberland, and Prince Edward Soil & Crop Members

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Max Kaiser is 1st Vice President of OSCIA and a replacement for his position as Provincial Director from Quinte Region must be elected at the fall meeting 7 pm, September 13, at Tri-County in Trenton.
Are you interested? Contact your local Sec-Treasurer

The Northumberland SCIA is starting a soybean yield competition within Northumberland County.
It was decided at our planning meeting in the spring that we should have a soybean yield contest. Geoff Townsend and I have put together a competition, and we have decided to run it in conjunction with the provincial one that has been going for 2 years now. Everyone has to be a soil and crop member and also enter the provincial soybean yield challenge. The entry form and challenge rules are at the website http://www.gfo.ca/soybeanyieldchallenge.aspx.

Everyone that enters the competition needs to notify Justin Dorland or Geoff Townsend by July 30th. The cost to the grower is $15 to enter the provincial competition and $10 for the Northumberland SCIA The $10 is due before the annual meeting in December. The yield result is to be emailed or phoned to Justin Dorland or Geoff Townsend. The top grower will be announced at the NSCIA annual meeting in December. A prize will be given to the winner, the prize to be determined. All of the local input suppliers have been contacted and will be available to help in the weighing of the samples. Hopefully we get a great deal of participation this project continues well into the future. Justin Dorland, President NSCIA

Justin Dorland, Dorland101@hotmail.com, 613-475-9736. Geoff Townsend, geoffrtownsend@yahoo.ca

OSCIA NEWS PDF file(315 kb)

  • Message from the President
  • Managing Nutrient Dollars
  • The Value of Forages
  • OSCIA Supplies
  • Biomass Information Sessions
  • 2010 Ontario Forage Masters Program
  • Seed Bytes
  • New GYFP Field Staff
  • Crop Advances

CROP TALK – By OMAFRA Soil & Crop Specialists PDF file(140 kb)

  1. Profit From Oats Using A Fungicide
  2. Scouting for Potato Leafhopper In Alfalfa
  3. Studying the Impact of Harvesting Crop Residues
  4. Is Organic Still Growing?
  5. What Makes a Successful Grazing Program?
  6. Is the Soybean Variety Important for Making
  7. Fungicide Application Decisions?
  8. Should We Cut Hay In The Morning Or Afternoon?
  9. Making A Case For Summer Applied Manure