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Newsletter  September 2012

For Hastings/Lennox & Addington, Northumberland, and Prince Edward Soil & Crop Members

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  • Message from the President
  • Attention Seed Growers
  • Advancing Crop Technology with Grants to Regions and Counties/Districts
  • Increasing Attendance at Local Events
  • Seed Bytes
  • Canadian International Farm Show
  • AAFC Field Efficiency Study Introduction - Keith Reid, Manager, Soil Nutrient & GHG Management, AAFC, Guelph ON
  • Canada's Outdoor Farm Show Brunch Tickets Update

CROP TALK – By OMAFRA Soil & Crop Specialists PDF file(1035 kb)

  1. Fall Pasture Management Following A Dry Summer
  2. Explaining Poor Weed Control
  3. How 10 cm (4 Inches) Can Get You 50% Off Your Herbicide Bill?
  4. Spider Mites Reduced Soybeans Yields In 2012?
  5. Grazing Corn Stover
  6. Taking That Fall Cutting Of Alfalfa?
  7. The ULTIMATE Opportunity-Plant Wheat
  8. Cover Crop Questions and Answers
  9. Double Cropping Fall Rye For Extra Forage
Quinte Region SCIA Major Partner Grant Program for 2012, 2013 & 2014 Sulphur on Winter & Spring Wheat in eastern Ontario

Regional Partner programs 2012 to 2014

Grain samples will be a minimum of one, or possibly two strips, at each field location. At harvest, adjacent strips will be harvested and weighed using a weigh-wagon and samples collected for protein and quality analysis. This will give a minimum of two replications at each field location

Ideally the site will not have a history of being heavily manured or be high organic matter.

Treatments: 100% urea at normal nitrogen rate; Calcium Sulphate (19% - S & 23% - Ca) blended with urea to give egual nitrogen rate as treatment1) and 15kg/ha of available sulphur. Soil samples: 0 to 30 cm (for Sulphate) before application and after harvest. Plant tissue samples for Sulphur will be taken. Co-operators apply fertilizer in strips. Soil & tissue sampling by OMAFRA

Strips need to be wide enough to allow for 'full' combine header widths of each treatment & replications and also to avoid the outer 5 to 10 feet of the fertilizer spread pattern or potential spreader overlap or misses.

This program is supported by Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association through a Regional Partner grant and OMAFRA.

Co-operators are needed in Counties of Hastings, Lennox and Addington, Northumberland, and Prince Edward - please contact Scott Banks Emerging Crop Specialist, OMAFRA scott.banks@ontario.ca 613-258-8359
Northumberland County Bus Trip July 18 Well organized trip to Puddicombe Estate Winery and Orchard in Grimsby, Agrico fertilizer terminal in Hamilton, and
picture the P&H grain receiving /shipping location at the Hamilton Harbour.
The Quinte SCIA Executive
President Justin Dorland 613-475-0891
Sec-Treas Henry Nyman 613-399-3429
Provincial Director Dale Ketcheson 613-477-1131
Regional Communication Coordinator Neil Moore 705-324-2594
Other Directors: Justin Dorland, Doug Young, Rick Terpstra, Lloyd Crowe, Shane Smith, Stan Meeks, Jim McComb, Mark Slack, and Scott Banks

Local Associations Hastings/L&A Northumberland Prince Edward
President Vacant Justin Dorland Mark McFaul
Sec/Treas Charlene Whattam Doug Young Henry Nyman