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Biodiesel Project at Bob McComb's, Northumberland

Bob puts the tractors on the dyno before the biodiesel project starts.

The Biodiesel project demonstrating the use of 5 percent Biodiesel mixed with 95 percent Regular diesel is nearing completion. This was one of 6 locations picked across the province to evaluate the use of the blend. A 2 percent blend has been used for a couple of years in western Ontario. This site experienced several problems as there is no local dealer carrying Biodiesel.

A tote of Biodiesel was dropped off at Bob’s in July. The tote had to be lifted, the drain lever released Biodiesel into a 20 L pail that was used to transfer the product to the tank to be mixed with the diesel fuel.

With the start of winter Bob had to arrange storage of the tote at a neighbour’s heated shop.

Despite these difficulties, Bob is confident that Biodiesel blends are the way of the future.

Tour on August 17 showing the biodiesel tote and Bob's measuring can to meter the biodiesel to the tank

Prom Night. Phillip drove the tractor to the prom with his grilfriend. The boys in the photo are as follows from left to right: Phillip Simpson, Matt McComb and Chris Bryans and Christa Stanley, Sara Bennett, Courtney Bryans