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County Soil & Crop Improvement Association Memberships for 2017
By joining at the local level you are also a member of the Region Soil & Crop Improvement
Association and the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association

Postal Code______________________
Phone number_____________________

  • East Central Region Area
  • Durham: Mail $15 cheque payable to Durham Soil & Crop to
    Tom Barrie, 3006 Concession St E, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K5
  • Peterborough: Mail $15 cheque payable to Peterborough Soil & Crop to
    Jim Buck, 1576 Centre Line, RR4, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0
  • Victoria: Mail $15 cheque payable to Victoria Soil & Crop to
    Adam Bent, 100 Tower Rd, Reaboro, ON K0L 2X0
  • York: Mail $20 cheque payable to York Soil & Crop to
    Tom Patterson, Box 77042, RPO Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3P 0C8

You can also go to https://oscia.wildapricot.org/